Our home health and hospice agencies and senior living communities operate relatively independently and have no traditional corporate headquarters. Instead, they are supported by a “Service Center,” a world-class team of professional resources that advise on their respective fields of information technology, compliance, human resources, accounting, payroll, legal, risk management, education and other services. This allows on-site leaders and caregivers to focus squarely on day-to-day care and business issues in their individual agency or community.

Cornerstone is one of the most progressive companies in the rapidly expanding home health, hospice, and home care industries. Affiliates of Cornerstone now operate 63 agencies across 13 states, and we expect this growth to continue. Agencies are currently located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.*

Pinnacle Senior Living is a dynamic organization in a rapidly expanding senior living industry.  Our focus is to operate assisted living, independent and memory care communities that set the standard in each of their individual markets.  Pinnacle affiliates operate 52 senior living communities across six states. Pinnacle communities are currently located in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.*

*References herein to the consolidated “company” and “its” assets and activities, as well as the use of the terms “we,” “us,” “its”, “our” and similar verbiage, are not meant to imply that the Pennant Group, Pinnacle Senior Living, or Cornerstone Healthcare has direct operating assets, employees or revenue, or that any of the affiliated entities, including facilities, home health, hospice, or senior living business, or the Service Center are operated or managed by the same entity.