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Barb Denzin - Social Worker


Barb Denzin

Preceptor Home Health and Hospice

Barb Denzin is a hospice social worker with Preceptor Hospice. Barb is dedicated to all of our patients and families, and has a personal goal to ensure that all of the patient’s ‘Bucket List’ wishes are met before they pass.

One of our hospice patients, who is a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan, has had a dream of seeing the Milwaukee Brewers play a home game at American Family Field. Barb worked many avenues in and outside of the Brewers organization to help this patient’s wish come true and help him get to a Brewer’s game. When one door closed for Barb, she opened another until she was able to get tickets in a disabled area of the stadium and suggestions on how to obtain a parking pass. Barb also worked with his Assisted Living facility and convinced two staff members to accompany him to the game, on their own time. Barb also reached out to his guardian so he would have funds to purchase a jersey and baseball cap from one of the stores at the stadium. Barb being Barb, went to a local sporting goods store and purchased our patient a Milwaukee Brewers t-shirt that he could wear on game day. When he heard he was going to a game he was over the moon excited. When he was presented with the t-shirt Barb purchased for him, he wanted to immediately take off the shirt he was wearing and put on his new Brewers t-shirt. Our hospice patient had a spectacular day enjoying the Brewers game, even though they lost. The facility shared the following on their Facebook page: This is how you know someone really goes all out for their patient. Barb, social worker from Preceptor Hospice, was able to pull together for one of their hospice patients to get to a Brewers game. The patient really enjoyed being able to purchase a cap and shirt at the stadium. Thanks so much for your fabulous insight to make him so happy! Thank you, Barb Denzin for your care and compassion and willingness to always go the extra mile for our patients and families.

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