Moments Of Truth

Brook Johns - Marketer


Brook Johns

Excell Home Care and Hospice

Recently Excell Hospice admitted a gentleman who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Our marketer, Brook went to the hospital to meet with the family she spent a significant time with the family and really got to know them. As she was speaking with them she found out that their wedding anniversary was Monday and the gentleman stated his last wish was to have one last dance on their anniversary with his spouse to Keeper of The Stars by Tracy Byrd. Brook contacted our hospice team and got the plan in motion. We took a cake to the patient’s home with music and video to record their last dance with all of their loved ones with them. The patient was able to stand the whole 4.5 minutes throughout the entire song with his spouse. It was Brook’s compassion with the family that we were able to provide a lasting memory for them both.


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