Moments Of Truth

Cassie Anderson - Social Worker

Cassie Anderson

Big Sky Palliative and Hospice

A patient on our hospice service had plans to relocate to another state to be closer to family. The patient and his family had many loose ends to tie up before moving and one of the big areas of stress was rehoming seven-yes SEVEN of their beloved cats! Our incredible Social Worker, Cassie Anderson, coordinated with Animals, a local nonprofit, to take on the cats and wrangled them into her car, with the help of one of our equally incredible CNAs, to drop them off to their new home herself. Cassie also assisted the patient in establishing hospice care in the town he was moving to. Cassie’s kindness and selflessness brought so much peace and gratitude to this sweet family as they were in the midst of leaving their home of over 30 years and dealing with the impending loss of their loved one.

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