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The role of a Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) is pivotal in ensuring the fusion of clinical excellence with administrative finesse. At Pennant, we believe that our clinicians have the potential to elevate into this role, guiding our organization to new heights.

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Visionary Leaders

Meet A Pennant CCO

Local CCO’s are appointed by their peers frequently at Pennant, and we love to celebrate each leader's transformational journey. What will be your story?

Influence, Impact, Increase

The CCO Opportunity

The principal goal of this program is to ensure that our clinical leaders are equipped with advanced skills, the latest knowledge, and a holistic perspective on care that transcends traditional boundaries.

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Clinical operation leadership training

What Is The COLT Program?

The Clinical Operation Leadership Training (COLT) program is intended to prepare successful clinicians for a Director of Clinical Services (DCS/DPCS) position, Director of Rehab (DOR), and/or clinical leadership positions. In preparation for agency leadership, the Cornerstone COLT will be mentored by one or more agency DCS/Clinical Leaders/Resources to gain a thorough understanding of our culture, operating model, systems and what it takes to be a successful leader in cornerstone and to prepare to be a director of clinical services (DCS/DPCS)

Anti-Corporate Model

Local Leader Driven.
Service Center Supported.

We believe that healthcare is best administered by local leaders who take primary ownership of their team and results. We believe the best way to accomplish our mission of providing life-changing service is to empower local leaders to build an organization that will meet the needs of the community that they have the pleasure of serving.

The Pennant Service Center provides world-class accounting, accounts receivable, finance, legal, risk management, HR, managed care, training, IT to empower local leaders to meet the needs of those they serve, all while being supported with cutting-edge systems and resources.

Pennant's Success

The Path To CCO

Embarking on the COLT program is the first step on your voyage to becoming a CCO. This structured journey includes intensive training sessions, real-world leadership scenarios, periodic evaluations, and unwavering mentorship.


Pennant promotes the heart of its culture with the acronym CAPLICO. Our core values of customer second, accountability, passion for learning, love one another, intelligent risk taking, celebration, and ownership guide us in our decision-making and inspire us to be better people, in and out of work.

Customer Second

Prioritizing our employees' health & work-life balance allows them to provide life-changing services to our customers.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Passion For Learning

Ongoing training and innovation are a part of our DNA

Love One Another

We strive to treat each other as people whose interest matter as much as our own.

Intelligent Risk Taking

We trust your judgment. Be innovative. Be entrepreneurial.


We love to celebrate successes and make work fun.


We reward and support our employees who treat this company as if they owned it.

Life-Changing Care

Nominate A COLT

Submit this form to nominate someone to the COLT program.

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