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  • The CEO Opportunity


    Pennant CEO’s are driven to help people, teams and operations reach their potential. They see opportunities for growth all around them and reach out to be an influence for good.

  • The CEO Opportunity


    They look back on their impact on their healthy organization and feel a great sense of pride as they see the results that their elite teams continually achieve.

  • The CEO Opportunity


    Pennant CEO’s have an opportunity to earn the highest level of income in our industry. Pennant CEO’s understand that they can create wealth faster by growing a healthy business that pays residual earnings.


Our Operationg Model


We adamantly believe that healthcare is best administered by local leaders who take primary ownership over their team and results.  We believe the best way to accomplish our mission of providing life-changing service is to empower local leaders to meet the needs of those they have the pleasure of serving, while being supported with cutting-edge systems and resources.  Pennant Group’s Service Center is staffed with more than 200 experienced subject matter experts who support and advise local leadership teams on local strategy and execution.

Pennant's Success

The Path To CEO

As a “World-Class Leadership Company”, Pennants primary goal is to recruit, develop and appoint a CEO at each one of our local operations.  After a brief CEO-In-Training(CIT) Program, leaders are hired by clusters as an Executive Director(ED) of an operation.  Successful ED’s are appointed to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their operation. 

Pennant CIT’s are recruited from a wide range of leadership backgrounds – both industry experts, as well as those leaders with no industry experience. What these leaders share in common is proven leadership experience, a track record of success and desire to lead life-changing service.

Enter The CIT Program

Once CIT’s have proven ready, they are hired by Clusters to lead an operation as an Executive Director, and drive the results of its Cluster operations. Executive Directors are expected build an elite team which creates sustainable success.

Become An Executive Director

When an ED demonstrates ownership of their operation, their cluster and Pennant as a whole, they are appointed by their cluster and peers as a CEO.

Be Appointed As CEO


Pennant promotes the heart of its culture with the acronym CAPLICO. Our core values of celebration, accountability, passion for learning, love one another, intelligent risk taking, customer second, and ownership guide us in our decision-making and inspire us to be better people, in and out of work.


We love to celebrate successes and make work fun.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Passion For Learning

Ongoing training and innovation are a part of our DNA

Love One Another

We strive to treat each other as people whose interest matter as much as our own.

Intelligent Risk Taking

We trust your judgment. Be innovative. Be entrepreneurial.

Customer Second

Prioritizing our employees' health & work-life balance allows them to provide life-changing services to our customers.


We reward and support our employees who treat this company as if they owned it.

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