Moments Of Truth

Shelly Darmody - Director Clinical Services


Chad McGinty

Agape Hospice

I am writing this to share with everyone how much of an All Star our liaison, Chad McGinty, is here at Agape Hospice! We had a patient recently who suffered from a rare form of ALS that is rapidly progressive. She was in a SNF with one of our Ensign partners when they referred us to assist with placement and hospice supports. She was unable to communicate verbally due to her disease progression but was still able to text. Chad spent so much time getting to know what all of her needs were and seeing where we could assist. He learned that she was alone here in Tucson, no family and no friends locally that could provide support with her pending move. She had been living in low-income housing alone. He worked hard to call several moving companies, unfortunately none had availability in the timeframe that was needed to get her necessary and comfort items to her timely. Chad wasted no time. He cleared part of his day to assist in the endeavor. He worked tirelessly to sort donation items to items that needed to be moved and loaded up his truck. This was supposed to be a quick move that ended up with 5+ truckfulls of items moved over a 3-day time period, to include weekend and evening times. Our patient is now safely tucked in at her new ALF with all her necessities and comforts from home as we assist her through this next part of her journey. Chad shared with me a text that she sent him, before the physical move even happened, and she said it the best. To paraphrase; Thank you for making me feel like a patient and not just a paycheck. This is why we do this and how we show Agape love to all our patients. Great job Chad!

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