Moments Of Truth

Jenni Knutson - Executive Director


Jenni Knutson

Lakeshore Assisted Living and Memory Care

Today while visiting Lakeshore Assisted Living & Memory Care, Jenni greeted myself and another Pennant partner with her joyful spirit as always. She kindly excused her appearance to us as she has been cleaning up the landscape for the residents. Jenni is very new to the company, and what I admire most about her is her willingness to “get the job done”. She believes in a philosophy of leaving something behind more beautiful than you started with. She could have let the landscape get worse, asked others to work on it, or wait to hire someone. Instead, she got her leisure attire on and a took pair of trimmers to get it done. Knowing Jenni, she likely felt the cost of hiring someone could be better used on her team or the residents. Now the residents have a facility entrance to be proud of. Only three weeks onsite, and Jenni is already providing life-impacting service beyond her job scope as well as honoring CAPLICO values of love one another and ownership.  Jenni takes pride in her community and cares deeply for those she serves. We are blessed to have her as part of the Pennant family.  

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