Moments Of Truth

Kitzia Sardin - Caregiver


Kitzia Sardin

Safe Harbor Home Care

One of our lead caregivers, Kitzia Sardin showed profound compassion and kindness to one of our most vulnerable clients who has been suffering from depression. This veteran has been diagnosed with depression and been showing clinical signs of an exacerbation. In addition to alerting our care team in the office so that we could notify the VA in order to get this veteran more mental health care, this caregiver showed our core value of “love one another” by going above and beyond. She purchased a canvas and wrote an inspirational message on it before starting to paint the figure of an angel looking after this veteran. She then brought the unfinished work into the office for the entire team to sign and plans to gift this work of art to him for his birthday. At Safe Harbor we always talk about how critical it is to look after our clients—especially our vulnerable veterans. We know that we sometimes play the role of guardian angel for seniors, who in many cases may not have anyone else looking out for them. In this selfless act of kindess, Kitzia showed who she is as a person. Safe Harbor and the clients we serve are extremely lucky to have someone like this on our team living out the Life Changing Service that is our mission.

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