Moment Of Truth

CELEBRATE the outstanding actions of our employees and share the LOVE that drives these individuals to do extraordinary things for the people we serve.

Life-changing service

Submit Your MOT Application

Anyone can submit an MOT and be willing and prepared to provide additional information as requested by the MOT Committee. The MOT committee may have questions or require clarification, so don’t be surprised if a MOT committee member calls and asks you about the candidates’ job role and responsibilities, about any funds or donations that were spent, or any other question that will help determine whether or not a submission meets the criteria of a MOT.

Don’t forget that approved Pennant MOTs count toward your FLAG application!

Inspired leadership

Moment Of Truth Winners

Beyond the standard service

What Is A MOT?

A MOT (Moment of Truth) is a companywide celebration and recognition of a level of service and caring for a patient/resident/client/co-worker that is beyond the standard services or delivery of care, but still within the employee’s job scope. Here are just a few examples:

NOTE: Some submissions may not meet the specific criteria for a MOT, but that should not stop you from CELEBRATING an individual who has done something amazing for your operation or the folks you serve.

The MOT Committee consists of individuals from different corners of the Pennant family who meet twice a month to review the MOT submissions that you provide. Questions to the committee can be sent to

All MOT submissions should be made through the MOT Portal.

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