Moments Of Truth

Shelly Darmody - Director Clinical Services


Shelly Darmody

Preceptor Home Health and Hospice

It was approximately two weeks before Christmas and Shelly Darmody was made aware that the Gingerbread House, a youth and family non profit organization, was in dire need of Christmas gifts for this year. They had all they needed for young children, but were desperately seeking items for the parents and teens in order for them to feel the joy of the Christmas season. Shelly took it upon herself to ACT. She contacted her leaders and got every office involved in talking directly with their teams for donations. She went out personally door to door and collected money in order to, in turn, buy multiple gifts for donation. She contacted family members, who also provided donations. She led her leaders to do the same. In two short weeks, Shelly was able to collect 561 gifts with the help of her team. She picked up the gifts from every office and brought it to the organization herself, which was overjoyed to see parent/teen gifts. She displayed CAPLICO in every sense of the word by overextending herself for others to experience happiness.

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