Moments Of Truth

Stephanie Gronke - Wellness Coordinator


Stephanie Gronke

Meadow View Assisted Living

Stephanie started working at Meadow View as a caregiver in 2017. She has shown amazing leadership skills and put in the hard work to become Wellness Coordinator for the past year. Stephanie is the person we have all leaned on for many months at Meadow View while management had to dedicate the majority of their time at our sister facilities. She stepped up and took on a lot of duties when we needed her the most. She is the sweetest and most hard-working employee who not only loves on her residents, but also her team members. When working long hours to cover open shifts and going above and beyond her job duties, she still finds time and energy to put love into the staff members. She is always buying things out of her own pocket to show appreciation to others. She recently went out of her way to set up a “Coffee Bar” in the back kitchen of Meadow View for the staff members to enjoy. She arranged this all on her own time and out of her own funds to give back to others. Her kindness is not unnoticed and we really appreciate all of the little things she does for us. Stephanie is a true CAPLICO employee and we cannot thank her enough for her compassion and dedication to Meadow View.

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