Moments Of Truth

Mary Parra

Activities Director

On Friday, April 28th, Canyon Creek unexpectedly lost its housekeeper. By Monday the 1st of May, the loss was obvious throughout the community. Floors were dirty, trash was overflowing, odors were unpleasant, and necessary supplies for residents and staff had run out. Without hesitation, and without being asked, Mary arrived early on Monday filled the housekeeper’s cart, and assumed the responsibilities of housekeeper. Mary went throughout the community cleaning and vacuuming floors, emptying trash, replacing supplies, and freshening the air. As a result of her efforts, the community was clean, sanitary, and presentable. Her actions exceeded the expectations of her job description, and were consistent with the CAPLICO values of ownership and loving each other. Mary’s actions were a model of selflessness and achieved immediate positive effects for her community.

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