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Zach Fernandez - Community Liaison


Zach Fernandez

Namaste Home Health and Hospice

Zach Fernandez has been a Community Liaison with Namaste hospice for nearly a year and has had a significant impact on both staff and patients as well the Denver Community. Far beyond just educating and promoting Hospice, Zach is uniquely gifted in developing relationships with patients and supporting staff. One patient not long ago even requested that Zach be with him as this patient had his initial interview for Medical Aid in Dying. This is a very intimate doctor’s appointment that normally our team would not attend, or a social worker would attend. This is very much out of his scope, but he provided the support the patient needed during this time. Recently, we lost 4 patients in less than 10 days at a Memory Care ALF that Namaste was providing care to. Noticing an emotional heaviness in the facility staff that had cared for all these patients, Zach offered to arrange a memorial service. After much time and effort, he was able to secure a date that seemed viable for all however, the family of another patient who had recently died, requested the Chaplain facilitate her funeral service at a mortuary at the same time, so the Namaste Chaplain was unable to perform the memorial at the ALF. Undeterred, Zach created and facilitated a memorial service at the facility; something he had never done before. It provided peace and comfort to those who loved and cared for the patients at the ALF. Far more than just a marketer, Zach continues to remain connected and provides meaningful support to Namaste patients, our community partners and team members.


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